Fürstlich und Gräflich Fuggersche Stiftungen (Hrsg.)

The Fuggerei

Social home since 1521

The Fuggerei is the world’s oldest social settlement. The richly illustrated booklet of the Fugger Foundation, guides you through the settlement’s alleys with its authentical stories and information. New insights into everyday life, the history and future of the Fuggerei show how timeless it is.


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In 1521 Jakob Fugger laid the foundation-stone for the existence of the Fuggerei in eternity, with a deed of foundation. In fact, the Fuggerei still offers people in need from Augsburg a safe home – for today 88 cent annual rent and three prayers a day. During a tour through the settlement, the guide explains how the Fuggerei has been able to fulfil its mission as a foundation for 500 years. The diverse contents of the stations are presented clearly and vividly – from architecture, to historical and comtemporary life in the Fuggerei to the future of their foundation idea. The volume is generously equipped with pictures and illustrations. Famous guest authors comment on interesting social and cultural-historical topics of the Fuggerei. A service section, a folding map and graphics provide quick orientation. Deepened texts are delivering answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Exciting tour through the Fuggerei: clearly structured, richly illustrated, for on-site visits and for reading.
  • Up-to-date information: With the contents of the new Fuggerei museums, the celebrations of the 500th anniversary and new research from the Fugger and cities arc.

Fürstlich und Gräflich Fuggersche Stiftungen (Hrsg.)

The Princely and Count Fugger Foundations still administer nine foundations today. The nine Fugger foundations have been in continuous existence since the 16th century. Jakob and Anton Fugger wanted to provide Augsburg citizens with places to live (Fuggerei) and medical facilities (Schneidhaus and Holzhaus). They also contributed to the salvation of the Fugger family (St. Anna) and better sermons in Augsburg (St. Moritz) as well providing for tributaries of their estates (Waltenhausen Infirmary). The Fugger family’s example was followed with donations from Veit Hörl and Dr Simon Scheibenhart, Dr Johannes Mylius provided funds for his own foundation. The family’s goal is to enact the wishes of the benefactors through the centuries. In the Family Seniorat, they act as an honorary management body for the foundation. With Contributions by: Sigrid Gribl, Father Anselm Grün, Dietmar Schiersner, Wilhelm Schmid, Kerstin Schlögl-Flierl, Jacob Van Rijs

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ISBN: 978-3-7954-3839-5
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