Andrea Babbi, Frederike Bubenheimer-Erhart, Beatriz Marín-Aguilera, Simone Mühl (Hrsg.)

The Mediterranean Mirror

Cultural Contacts in the Mediterranean Sea between 1200 and 750 B.C.

Between 1200 and 750 BC, the Mediterranean world saw the breakdown of Bronze Age civilizations, and the rise of Iron Age cultures. These chronological stages which unfortunately are often taken into consideration separately, have been bridged.


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The editors’ introduction and a picture of the theoretical framework of Mediterranean studies, are followed by five geographical parts. Each of them is introduced by a senior scholar’s comprehensive overview article followed by papers of highly competent younger researchers. By commenting on cultural changes and interculturality in the sub-regions of the Mediterranean, new important insights into interregional mobility, connectivity, and decentering phenomena are provided. The vision of the Mediterranean parts as equally important for understanding the significance of contacts represents a special feature of the volume.

Andrea Babbi, Frederike Bubenheimer-Erhart, Beatriz Marín-Aguilera, Simone Mühl (Hrsg.)

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