Jutta Krauß


The Life and Legend of an European Saint. A Visual Voyage through Hungary

The Holy Elisabeth of Thuringia who gave away her gowns to beggars, washed the feet of the poor, brought bread into the cottages of the hungry and in whose basket roses miraculously appeared, is represented as one of the most mellifluous figures of the Middle Ages. Was she really as sweet as depicted?


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Erscheinungstermin: 26. April 2007
ISBN: 978-3-7954-1996-7
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This volume is an invitation to meet this extraordinary woman of the 13th century, kings daughter, landgravine, and saint, in Germany, Hungry, Italy and Slovakia. The pictures evoke stations of her life, trace the path of her husband Ludwig IV who was called the Holy, lead to the source of her Franciscan ideal, present the preserved remains of a distant past, tell legends and guide ones gaze towards the artwork of pious veneration. The text and pictures of this book incite the reader to come closer: What appears to be a legend might seem, as a life really lived, strange to us nowadays. With Franciscan humility, Elisabeth chose a pathway removed from the beaten track of her times. She set an example of humanity which can be understood the world over down to the present day.

Jutta Krauß

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ISBN: 978-3-7954-1996-7
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