Jan Harasimowicz (Hrsg.)

Protestant Church Architecture of the 16th–18th Centuries in Europe

Harasimowicz’s three volumes on Protestant Church architecture in Europe (16th–18th centuries) present the first systematic and concise analysis of Protestant places of worship throughout Europe. Starting with an introduction by the editor Jan Harasimowicz, the three volumes feature entries on 1244 churches in 41 countries. The book takes into account all the confessions that emerged after the Reformation and all the countries where it left lasting traces: from Iceland, Norway and Scotland to Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.


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The three volumes, with numerous color photographs and drawings, contain the first complete study of Protestant church building in Early Modern Europe (16th–18th centuries). The variety of building materials and the abundance of spatial solutions show how great the innovative and entrepreneurial potential was that was released with the spread and stabilization of the Reformation. It broke with the autocracy of the Southern and Western countries, which imposed their cultural patterns on the rest of Europe. The Northern and Eastern Central European countries have since been equally involved in creating new values. Their architectural heritage, still too little known, occupies a worthy place here.

  • Comprehensive overview on Protestant church architecture of the 16th to 18th centuries in Europe.
  • Umfassendes Überblickswerk zu protestantischer Kirchenarchitektur des 16. bis 18. Jahrhunderts in Europa.
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Jan Harasimowicz (Hrsg.)

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