Stiftung Preussische Schlösser u. Gärten (Hrsg.)

Historic Gardens and Society

Culture - Nature - Responsability

For thousands of years, the design, cultivation and preservation of gardens and cultural landscapes as fine arts and useful arts have been among the most striking expressions of human culture. As vehicles of meaning, historic gardens are important not just aesthetically but also historically, allegorically and symbolically.


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The spectrum of types and the manifold purposes and uses of these gardens and parks with their diverse range of functional and formal designs derives from the evolution of urban lifestyles and specific needs. Historic gardens have always been places of pleasurable interaction, education and leisurely relaxation. They are also extremely valuable from the point of view of biodiversity, providing benefits in terms of recreation, human well-being, leisure, environmental education and interdependence with the climate. As part of the cultural heritage, historic gardens can act as a stable driving force in the context of contemporary civilisation processes, helping to formulate and implement sustainable goals for action geared towards a humane outlook and lifestyle in our society. This book explores how interdisciplinary approaches can be combined to promote social responsibility in the preservation and use of historic gardens. It offers diverse international examples of the value of these cultural monuments in tackling current sustainability challenges – ranging from climate change to the contemporary relationship between humankind and nature.

Stiftung Preussische Schlösser u. Gärten (Hrsg.)

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